Sewing and Textiles

Our sewing and textiles group works with traditional and contempoarary techniques.  Discover new skills or revisit forgotten ones.  Projects include embroidery,  dressmaking, felting, weaving,  sewing,  card-making,  embellishing, tie-dying, makingstuffed toys and rag dolls, quilting and knitting.  Our studio is well-equipped with sewing and embellishing machines, looms, knitting needles,  materials,  yarns, buttons and wool.

Years ago I used to do all kinds of creative things like knitting and sewing.  Coming to sewing and textiles makes it okay todo it again. Ok

What do you need?

No previous experience is necessary.  The group is open to anyone who has an interest in sewing and making items from fabric and materials

What are the benefits?

Research suggests that participating in sewing and textiles has a number of positive therapeutic effects on well-being.  These include "managing pain and unstructured time as well as faclilitating self-esteem and reciprocal social roles".  The group is also a great way to communicate and exchange ideas.