Computer Skills

Develop new skills like word processing, how to use spreadsheets, CV writing and Web design. You can also use these sessions to keep in touch with the world outside the hospital through social networking, Facebook, skype, e-mail and internet research. Computer skills suitable for all ability levels, and Wi-Fi connection is available if you have your own laptop and phone. 

Having computer access is crucial to maintain contact with your world outside the hospital, whether you want to stay in touch with friends or look at your favourite sites

What do you need?

All ages welcome and no previous computer knowledge is necessary. You need a referral from your ward's occupational therapist

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to participating in computer sessions. Research has shown that, " internet access to community specific and general health information can lead to increased empowerment and appreciation of information technology".  The sessions can also increase confidence and skills useful for education and employment, help you keep in touch with friends and family, and develop interests.

Its is a relxed group with staff on hand to help